Mom, YOU are awesome!


Face it, being a mom is hard.  We know this, we tell people this but they ignore us.  They ignore us because they suck. That is why we have each other.

Mother’s Day is coming up and we decided that we need to reward our moms for just being awesome.  You changed a diaper today without getting diaper cream all over your clothes?  YOU are awesome!  You fed your children food today?  YOU are awesome!  You are incubating?  YOU are awesome!  Mom you are just pure awesomeness covered in glitter.

To show you how much we love you we are giving away free cupcakes from Dulce Vegan with purchase to all of our moms who come into the store on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday all pregnant moms get 15% off.  We have to use the honor system so if you’ve just had a bucket of chicken please do not use your food baby for a discount.  That would be frowned upon.

We are located at 1996 Hosea L.Williams dr, Atlanta ga 30317 in Kirkwood!


Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

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The ongoing put your breast away debate.


I am always taken back when I hear someone say they have a problem with a mom breastfeeding in public but they have no problem with the hundreds of thousands of “tit pics” that flood our magazines, timelines, and tvs.  Boobs were designed to feed your child.  Yes, are balls of fun for all who come in contact with them but let’s not shame moms for using them for there intended use.  Girls gone wild sold how many millions of copies?

I keep on waiting for someone to say something crazy to me while I’m nursing my daughter.  They will have met the wrong one!  I pop out on demand!

Here is Alyssa Milano and Wendy Williams having “the” discussion about breastfeeding.  Go Alyssa!

Namaste for real this time.

Cherished Life.
Cherished Life.

I have a love hate relationship with yoga.  I love it when I’m doing it, but I hate it when I’m thinking about doing it.  Something about all the heavy breathing that really rots my cabbage.  Even worse I feel like I’m always behind the hairy guy who passes gas all during class.  My favorite type of yoga is Bikrhim which makes the gas passes even worse.

When I was incubating the mini I had to give up my Bikrhim yoga and take prenatal yoga.  It was then I realized that the Vinyasa flow yoga wasn’t really that bad.  My instructor was also very touchy which I loved.  I got a scalp and neck massage during the last five minutes of class every class!  The less people in class the longer the massage.  Needless to say if more than 4 people were in class I was kind of cheesed.  Selfish I know but, geez that lady’s hands were magic!  There was also no gas!  You would think that a bunch of pregnant women would light the joint up but nope.  We did.  We are ladies:)

After the baby, it has been difficult to get back into yoga because:

I have a baby.

I’m nursing.

I have a baby.

I’m tired.

I’m hungry.

There is no one to watch the baby.

I can’t go to far from the house because I’m nursing.

I need to lose weight before I can put on yoga pants.

Who is going to watch the baby?

I mean there are at least 17 other legitimate reasons as well, I just chose not to list them.

Then here comes Cherished Life Yoga.  The owner and one of the instructors Vanya is like a zen Duracell battery on the “you can do it” train.  She convinced me that not only can I do yoga but how awesome I would be at it.  To make her sell even easier the studio is less than 3 miles from me.

The Cherished Life studio is in the Café of life building and offers a variety of classes.  I encourage all who live in the area to go!  Cherished Life has a variety of Yoga classes which you can check out here.

Vanya also does juice cleanses for those who want to kick up the heath and well being!

Win Jill Scott’s new album Woman!!

Cool mom Jill Scott
Cool mom Jill Scott
At The Cool Moms Table we like to highlight moms that are doing awesome and amazing things.  Jill Scott happens to be pretty freaking awesome!  She has 3 Grammy awards, she is an actress, a poet, and a philanthropist.  She is just as captivating in person as she is on film and in music.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Most importantly this awe-inspiring wonderfulness is mother to Jett, her 6 year old son.

I am a total Jill Scott lover so today is a happy day!  Today she releases her 5th studio album entitled Woman on Atlantic Records. Her first single from this album is Fools Gold, which is below for your extreme listening pleasure.

click me.
click me.
The release of Woman comes 15 years after her critically acclaimed album I am Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol 1. Which was certified platinum.  Jill has released timeless, classic, romantic, inspiration, thought provocative, and downright sensual music throughout these last 15 years.  Woman, is more of what we love and expect from Jill.  Her next single Back Together was written by herself and Aaron Pearce.  It is an ode to her son, which is yet another reason this mom is so cool!  She had this to say about her new single:

“For me this song is really about the one person who can look at you with a smile in their eyes. That person that can hug you. That person that can make you laugh when you feel like you are falling apart.  The person that can give you the will to continue whatever it is that you want to do in this life wholeheartedly.  For me that person is Jett. He’s my son and I’m very proud to be is Mommy.”

We have teamed up with Atlantic Records to give you a chance to win her album!  Click the graphic below, follow the instructions and you will be entered to win.  We will choose a winner a day starting Monday July 27th and ending July 31st.

Jill Scott - WOMAN - FINAL

Good Luck!

Inspirational Women – Ava Duvernay and Soledad O’Brien

While I was at the Blogher conference I had the pleasure of hearing Soledad O’Brien and Ava Duvernay speak.  I was blown away by both of them.  We often hear the tales of inspirational people and what they do to make Sometimes when we hear those stories on TV or magazines we are touched but it seems distant.  Being in the same personal space with these women their stores came to life.  You could feel the actual goodness move through the room.

Starfish foundation
Starfish foundation

First up was Soledad O’Brien, she is what we like to call a “cool mom”.  She is the type of mother that sets an example for not only her children but for children all over the world to look at, improve upon, follow, or just be proud of.  Today she sat down to talk about her Starfish foundation.  Her foundation pays for girls to go to college who do not have the means to fund their education.  She started her foundation right after Hurricane Katrina as her way of “doing something”.  She mentioned that her part was easy, all she had to do was write the check.  In actuality, if you have the money to do so then yes, that is the easy part. Deciding to be an agent for good is noble.  Actually being that agent for good is hard.  When you enter philanthropy you have to realize that so many request will come your way and you can’t honor them all.  The Starfish foundation will never be able to satisfy all the need for tuition around the US.  They will never be able to educate whole communities, and through their good raise leaders that will go and give back.  What Soledad did was focus on what she could do.  She could help one, and that one made a difference.  Then she would help another and that one made a difference.  She did the hard thing of focusing on what she could do, and not what she couldn’t.

Soledad O'Brien with her children.
Soledad O’Brien with her children.

The next day Ava Duvernay spoke.

The amazing Ava Duvernay
The amazing Ava Duvernay

Ms. Duvernay told us of the difficulties of being a woman in Hollywood and if you are a woman of color it’s almost better not to quit your day job.  She spoke about her struggles with her damn near perfect body of work that is Selma and how if it wasn’t for the belief in her of one of the actors she would have never, ever, gotten the call to direct.  Ava shared some wisdom from Oprah that helped her when she was struggling with her vision and the credit she received for Selma.  In a nutshell Oprah said, if you have achieved your end result, then you win.  You have accomplished your goal.  Everything else is small fries.  She believed that she was going to be a great director and she took that leap of faith to do so.  She is proof that if you believe strongly enough in something work for it, and you will get it.  She also spoke about not taking a huge job because it would take away from her being able to work on the projects that really stir her soul.  I don’t know how many of us no matter how much we believed in something, would turn down a lucrative, life changing deal to follow our conscious.  Now, that is inspirational!  I am also very happy to say that while she was talking I just smiled with pride to know that she is an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman.  She is my soror, and by the end of the interview I felt like we were homies.  Ava Duvernay is a very down to earth person who just happens to be really freaking special.

Ms. Ava & Oprah
Ms. Ava & Oprah

Meatless Monday’s – Happy baby edition

I have just returned home from the super awesome and very informative Blogher conference. While at the conference I had the pleasure of speaking to some really insightful entrepreneurs. I also got to try some new products, some were excellent, some were not so excellent. Over the next couple of days I’m going to share some of my experiences. Today I’m dedicating this Meatless Monday to Happy Baby.

I do my best to keep artificial flavors, colors, processed foods, and fast foods, out of my family’s diet. Chick-fil-A is an exception! It is like the Amalfi Coast of fast food. I won’t even call it fast food, I’m going to call it quickly prepared food. Anywho, we eat it! For my daughter I make all of her baby food. For almost the entire month of July we have been traveling so I needed something that traveled well. Happy Baby is what I went for. She is still on stage one and the Happy Baby stage 1 food is literally just the vegetable and water. It’s also organic. Wanna know something else? It doesn’t cost $64.99 per serving! It is actually the lowest priced (in my target) of all of the organic options.

While at Blogher I was invited to the Happy Baby informational session. We learned about the process, the products, and the benefit of organic food. I soaked it all up! I learned that cereal isn’t really necessary and if you are gong to give your baby rice it should always be brown rice. That, I didn’t know. I made all of my son’s food using brown rice but that is because a neighbor gave me a 10lb bag when he was about 5 months old. Yeah me by default!

 Happy Baby has a lot of great new things that they are coming out with. There will be a baby food maker similar to the cuisinart baby, which I use. They are coming out with a prenatal line of food pouches for the expectant mom on the go. They also just came out with a line called Shine which is an adult food pouch of fruit and veggie blends.

I got to spend some time talking to Shazi Visram and listening to her share her vision and passion for healthy food was prodigious. We talked about nursing, we talked about my daughter and her eating habits, we talked about her son and how he loves chia seeds.  This beautiful humble woman took her passion and made it a nationally recognized business.  Cheers to you!  Shazi Visram is an amazing entrepreneur and from one mom to another I would like to say thank you!  You are a very cool mom!