We are expecting!

I haven’t been blogging for the last couple of weeks because I have been working out deals and getting things prepared for our Pop up!!!

Happy Mango x Krog Street Market
Happy Mango x Krog Street Market

We are very pleased to announce that we will be opening our pop up shop just in time for holiday shopping!  Our store will be located in the super hip Krog Street Market @ 99 Krog Street, Atlanta, Ga 30307!  We will be unit J:)

We will keep you updated with the details on when the actual opening day is.  We plan on having lots of really great stuff to play with in the brick and mortar location!

As always we will make sure that our new items are up on the website so that our cyber besties can shop and enjoy.

If you are in Atlanta we totally look forward to seeing you!  If you are not in Atlanta, forward this email to a friend who is:)

This is how we feel about our pop up!


The Jungle Book Trailor!!!!!!!

Happiness and Joy and Joyfulness!
Happiness and Joy and Joyfulness!

This has totally made my day!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot wait to take the kid to see this.  I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo!!

The fact that it has Scarlett Johansen in it makes me even happier.

Idris Elba as Shere Kahn also makes me pretty, prettaaaay happy!  As you can se I am overwhelmed with emotion! I am so excited to see this.  I’m happy that my son likes Jungle Book!  I’m sad that my sisters live in Philly and Toronto so I cannot geek out with them on the day of release.  I’m sad that this will scare the slobber out of my daughter so I will leave her with daddy who could care less about Jungle Book.  That in itself is pretty disrespectful, however, he is African so he gets a pass.  He has barely seen any Disney Movies.  So sad.

Why I say????
Why I say????

Now, for the confusion.  I have no idea why Disney and Warner Bros. are both doing a version of the movie?  No shade to my former employer but I’m totally going to see the Disney version.  Who knows maybe I will see both.  I just feel like merchandising nightmare.  Which movie will win out the happy meals and such and so forth?  Furthermore, will the children who love the other movie be disappointed?  This does not make me happy.

Star Wars X Pottery Barn.

If I had a spare $8000, this would be on the top of my spend it on list!  We are a family of Star Wars lovers (except dad because he is African and that is his excuse for everything).  My 7 year old has so many Star Wars tees he could build a bridge out of them and we just started the baby on her Star Wars collection.  With my spare $8k, I would buy them both the Millennium Falcon bed!

I see a Darth Vadar room in my kid's near future!
I see a Darth Vadar room in my kid’s near future!

We just went to Disneyworld to celebrate Star Wars weekend and participate in Jedi training camp for the kid’s birthday.  To say the force is big with us in an understatement.

I was never a huge pottery barn shopper but they will definitely get me now.  I won’t be buying the bed but I will go in and purchase the sheets and accessories lol.  I feel it would be disrespectful to George Lucas if I did not.  No one wants to upset uncle George.  I’m thinking we may even need to do a Star Wars Halloween.  The baby would make a great Chewbacca or Yoda.  Pottery Barn has provided the inspiration that will go from now until December.


We are going to buy everything Star Wars to prepare for the upcoming holiday release!

Maybe we can invite grandma over for a sleepover!
Maybe we can invite grandma over for a sleepover!

Here is the preview for Star Wars movie The Force Awakens coming Dec 2015!

Namaste for real this time.

Cherished Life.
Cherished Life.

I have a love hate relationship with yoga.  I love it when I’m doing it, but I hate it when I’m thinking about doing it.  Something about all the heavy breathing that really rots my cabbage.  Even worse I feel like I’m always behind the hairy guy who passes gas all during class.  My favorite type of yoga is Bikrhim which makes the gas passes even worse.

When I was incubating the mini I had to give up my Bikrhim yoga and take prenatal yoga.  It was then I realized that the Vinyasa flow yoga wasn’t really that bad.  My instructor was also very touchy which I loved.  I got a scalp and neck massage during the last five minutes of class every class!  The less people in class the longer the massage.  Needless to say if more than 4 people were in class I was kind of cheesed.  Selfish I know but, geez that lady’s hands were magic!  There was also no gas!  You would think that a bunch of pregnant women would light the joint up but nope.  We did.  We are ladies:)

After the baby, it has been difficult to get back into yoga because:

I have a baby.

I’m nursing.

I have a baby.

I’m tired.

I’m hungry.

There is no one to watch the baby.

I can’t go to far from the house because I’m nursing.

I need to lose weight before I can put on yoga pants.

Who is going to watch the baby?

I mean there are at least 17 other legitimate reasons as well, I just chose not to list them.

Then here comes Cherished Life Yoga.  The owner and one of the instructors Vanya is like a zen Duracell battery on the “you can do it” train.  She convinced me that not only can I do yoga but how awesome I would be at it.  To make her sell even easier the studio is less than 3 miles from me.

The Cherished Life studio is in the Café of life building and offers a variety of classes.  I encourage all who live in the area to go!  Cherished Life has a variety of Yoga classes which you can check out here.

Vanya also does juice cleanses for those who want to kick up the heath and well being!

The great pickle! – Garner Girls Pickles

The offerings from the Garner Girls.  click to go to their site.
The offerings from the Garner Girls. click to go to their site.

As an entrepreneur I do my best to support other small businesses.  I really do my best to support those run by women.  Garner Girls Pickles is one that I love to support, and by support I mean eat, a lot.

Liz Garner decided to take a leap of faith and leave her music industry career to bring her grandmother’s pickle recipe to the masses.  World pickle domination was the task at hand.  A few months after she started, her pickles were featured in the New York Times holiday gift guide.  That ladies and gentlemen, was their first press hit.  Not bad for some chicks from Mississippi huh? Not only do  they make batch delicious pickles and relishes,  no, why stop as successful pickles?  The over achieving Garner girls are event planners and their beautiful culinary studio can be use for gatherings.  Did I mention that Liz also kicked cancer to the curb like cold fried fish all while starting a business?

Yesterday I had the fortunate opportunity to stop by their kitchen and check out some of the new offerings.

where the magic happens
Where the magic happens!

They have been known and adored for their sweet offerings.  Well, as candy falls from the sky they decide to do dills.  I’m not a dill girl but there have been a few homemade dills that I will absolutely eat.  I expect these to be no different.

The actual magic!
The actual magic!

If you are a lover of the finer pickles in life you should do  your taste buddies a favor and pick up a jar.  I have not tried the relish in deviled eggs but I have heard that that combination is enough to solicit a marriage proposal.  Maybe that’s why I’m still not wed. Note to self, make deviled eggs with relish.


The dills in waiting.
The dills in waiting.

Travel Tuesday’s – Instagram obsessed!

There is an Instagram account that I’m totally obsessed with called Beautiful Destinations. I look at the feed and consistently pick places to go. Some days I feel like I want to take the kids to Bali and other days I’m trying to figure out how I can escape to Bora Bora for 5 days sans the minis.

In my mind I have endless income, a nanny, and a bikini body that rivals my 16 year old track season body. Since 97% of that is not the case, I have some work to do so I can get jet setting!

I am attaching some images so that you too can create your fantasy self, with your fantasy bank account so I won’t be by myself in fantasy land. If you do by chance have an account that allows you to travel freely, a nanny, and a Serena Williams-esque bikini body then I’m going to need you to keep that to yourself😡



Lactation Station coming your way!

Zutano lactation suite
Zutano lactation suite

These wonderful little pods make me very happy!  I am a nursing mom and will nurse wherever I have to without worry.  I have a wonderful aden + anais swaddle  (this can be purchased at http://www.shophappymango.com)  that I use to cover up and I’m golden!  I have had a few mishaps.  I have had my daughter expose her milk source when she decided to pull of her swaddle at a restaurant.  I have had her kicking while I’m trying to cover up.  I have had my son running amuck while I’m trying to nurse.  It would have been great to have a pod to contain my boobs and my kids with out anyone looking at me.

me nursing in a restaurant under my aden + anais swaddle
me nursing in a restaurant under my aden + anais swaddle

Enter Zutano

“Founded by two designers prompted to action by their personal experiences as working, nursing moms, Mamava designed freestanding pods called “lactation suites” to provide mothers with safe, private places to pump and nurse. The first pod, complete with seating, a fold-down table, a power supply for breast pumps, and plenty of space for bags and strollers, was installed at Burlington International Airport in August 2013.

Now you can find lactation suites (in 15 states) at airports, malls, and college campuses across the country. Three more pods are also set to open at JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty airports in New York and New Jersey this May, just in time for Mother’s Day. To find a station near you, download the free Mamava Lactation Station Locator on iTunes.”

thank you mommas for making your vision come to life!