The danger of apps….

I just read this article by a mom who downloaded before she let her daughter.  The read is long but her story is an important one to read.  My kid is 9 and loves  I have it on my phone for work and I constantly have to take my phone from him because he loves the actual music on it.  He asked me if he could download the app and I said no. He is not allowed to have anything on his phone but mindcraft.

I didn’t let him download it not because it was dangerous but because he has difficulty paying attention when I speak to him if he is on his phone.  After reading this moms account, I’m mortified.  I do my best to research everything he wants to play, download, use, look at, but the amount of “stuff” out there is overwhelming.   Not only that, I’m 40, I don’t understand half the stuff that is even going on.  Keeping my kid safe online has literally become another job.

I wanted to share this particular article because this app looks really harmless.  It is not.  I’m sure it’s also not the only one.  Please read Anastasia’s article here .