Justice League!

My family is a total marvel family and we are proud.  We love Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Ant man, the Iron Patriot, the Scarlett Witch, Spiderman, Falcon, Black Panther, Loki, Black Widow, seriously all of them. There is not one avenger that we do not love.


When the rumblings of a Justice League movie started happening, I had no interest in seeing it.  Why would I, it was DC comics.  Automatic no.  We are loyalist!  We didn’t go see wonder woman when it first came out either.  We waited, we loved it.  We began to toy with the idea of this whole Justice League thing.  As more time progressed and the previews came out we were all in!  We are now excitedly waiting to go see the movie tonight!

Please don’t tell Thor.

We can’t wait!


Let’s talk mattresses!

moonlight award

Purchasing a crib mattress for your little can be a daunting task.  There is so much to read up on and so many factors to consider.  The most important (to me anyway) is how eco it is and how heavy it is.  The cribs are already tight enough, struggling with a super heavy mattress is not on my list of things  I would like to do with my life on any given day.

I discovered the line of Moonlight Slumber Mattresses when I was in Vegas for the ABC show.  I fell in love with them because they are eco and light!  Most of them are light, there are two that I tried that may have required a little more arm strength than I was willing to put out. The moonlight slumber sleepwell is the money mattress it’s my favorite.  It is a great price point, it has great features, and it’s green guard certified.  I did a little video to show it off.

I was unaware of this brand when I purchased my mattress for my bambino.  Actually her amazing auntie Terri purchased her mattress:)  It’s heavy, I feel like hulk hogan vs Randy Savage when I change her bed and I am not fond of that.  However, it is super eco so I do know that my bambino is breathing clean air when she is in lala land dreaming about tea parties with pepa pig.

You can find more information about the Moonlight slumber sleepwell mattress by visiting Happy Mango.