The ongoing put your breast away debate.


I am always taken back when I hear someone say they have a problem with a mom breastfeeding in public but they have no problem with the hundreds of thousands of “tit pics” that flood our magazines, timelines, and tvs.  Boobs were designed to feed your child.  Yes, are balls of fun for all who come in contact with them but let’s not shame moms for using them for there intended use.  Girls gone wild sold how many millions of copies?

I keep on waiting for someone to say something crazy to me while I’m nursing my daughter.  They will have met the wrong one!  I pop out on demand!

Here is Alyssa Milano and Wendy Williams having “the” discussion about breastfeeding.  Go Alyssa!


So we are going to do this vaginally are we?


I am a huge fan of music.  Music has the ability to change my mood, intensify my feelings, and or just make me get up and dance!

I play music for my children.  My 7 year old is a dance machine who thinks he’s Usher, and my one year old just bops up and down.    We are a family of Beliebers and proud!

I didn’t do the belly headphone things with either of my children.  I would like to believe they are both still smart, and they clearly love music.  Well now the belly buds are not enough.  The music must penetrate deeper they say! (you know I am laughing hysterically and myself now, right?  I said penetrate! hehehehehehe)


The Spanish have come up with the Baby Pod.  It is to be inserted vaginally and you play music through it via, your phone or ipod.  Sooooo while I support every mom’s right to introduce their child to Bob Marley early, this may be where I do a hard pass.

See for yourself.

Our kids will never know the struggle of a Walkman.


I came across this on facebook and immediately cracked up.  I was just having this conversation with one of my customers this morning.  Our kids will never know what it’s like to sit patiently on your bed with a pencil carefully winding your favorite cassette to get the actual tape back into the case so you can play it.  Or even worse trying to gently pull the tape out of the tape player without snapping it when it gets stuck and goes haywire.  Yes my friends, those memories will not be relate-able with our children.

If you can’t download it, they won’t play it.

Enjoy the video!


and in case you didn’t feel old enough lol