National take your parents to lunch day.

This is all sorts of awesome and I personally will be at the kid’s school with my lunch on the 14th! His school lunches have come a long way from the oil soaked burritos with mystery meat in my cafeteria.  I will admit i used to love the macaroni and cheese with ham.  It was disgusting now that I look back on it I mad at my mom for allowing me to sincerely enjoy such bad food lol.

I have always been an advocate for healthy lunches.  When looking for schools for my children the lunch menu is generally the second thing I look at.  A child can’t learn properly on poor nutrition.  I was a huge fan of the Jamie Oliver show Food Revolution when it was on.   He had such an important message and was shedding light on a major issue. My mother is actually from the unhealthiest city in America which is where he was on the first season.  Watching that episode just made me realize how proactive I have to be in every aspect of my son’s education. You can check out the first episode below.

Most days the kid brings his lunch to school and he loves it.  The biggest challenge I had was other kids trying to trade him their electric blue gummy snacks for his homemade desserts.  He wanted oreos, so I made some.  He wanted gummies, so I made some.  Anything he wants that is unhealthy, I do my best to make a healthier version of it so that he doesn’t feel deprived and is not tempted to accept the trades.  I have only been defeated by flaming hot Cheetos. I hate them and I wish they never existed!

This is a great opportunity for you to see what is going on in your child’s lunchroom. If your children’s school is not participating you should definitely send them the information since there is a 1,000.00 grant up for grabs.  If you click on the picture you can check out all of the details.

National take your parents to lunch day!
National take your parents to lunch day!

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