The Jungle Book Trailor!!!!!!!

Happiness and Joy and Joyfulness!
Happiness and Joy and Joyfulness!

This has totally made my day!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot wait to take the kid to see this.  I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo!!

The fact that it has Scarlett Johansen in it makes me even happier.

Idris Elba as Shere Kahn also makes me pretty, prettaaaay happy!  As you can se I am overwhelmed with emotion! I am so excited to see this.  I’m happy that my son likes Jungle Book!  I’m sad that my sisters live in Philly and Toronto so I cannot geek out with them on the day of release.  I’m sad that this will scare the slobber out of my daughter so I will leave her with daddy who could care less about Jungle Book.  That in itself is pretty disrespectful, however, he is African so he gets a pass.  He has barely seen any Disney Movies.  So sad.

Why I say????
Why I say????

Now, for the confusion.  I have no idea why Disney and Warner Bros. are both doing a version of the movie?  No shade to my former employer but I’m totally going to see the Disney version.  Who knows maybe I will see both.  I just feel like merchandising nightmare.  Which movie will win out the happy meals and such and so forth?  Furthermore, will the children who love the other movie be disappointed?  This does not make me happy.


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