Namaste for real this time.

Cherished Life.
Cherished Life.

I have a love hate relationship with yoga.  I love it when I’m doing it, but I hate it when I’m thinking about doing it.  Something about all the heavy breathing that really rots my cabbage.  Even worse I feel like I’m always behind the hairy guy who passes gas all during class.  My favorite type of yoga is Bikrhim which makes the gas passes even worse.

When I was incubating the mini I had to give up my Bikrhim yoga and take prenatal yoga.  It was then I realized that the Vinyasa flow yoga wasn’t really that bad.  My instructor was also very touchy which I loved.  I got a scalp and neck massage during the last five minutes of class every class!  The less people in class the longer the massage.  Needless to say if more than 4 people were in class I was kind of cheesed.  Selfish I know but, geez that lady’s hands were magic!  There was also no gas!  You would think that a bunch of pregnant women would light the joint up but nope.  We did.  We are ladies:)

After the baby, it has been difficult to get back into yoga because:

I have a baby.

I’m nursing.

I have a baby.

I’m tired.

I’m hungry.

There is no one to watch the baby.

I can’t go to far from the house because I’m nursing.

I need to lose weight before I can put on yoga pants.

Who is going to watch the baby?

I mean there are at least 17 other legitimate reasons as well, I just chose not to list them.

Then here comes Cherished Life Yoga.  The owner and one of the instructors Vanya is like a zen Duracell battery on the “you can do it” train.  She convinced me that not only can I do yoga but how awesome I would be at it.  To make her sell even easier the studio is less than 3 miles from me.

The Cherished Life studio is in the Café of life building and offers a variety of classes.  I encourage all who live in the area to go!  Cherished Life has a variety of Yoga classes which you can check out here.

Vanya also does juice cleanses for those who want to kick up the heath and well being!


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