The great pickle! – Garner Girls Pickles

The offerings from the Garner Girls.  click to go to their site.
The offerings from the Garner Girls. click to go to their site.

As an entrepreneur I do my best to support other small businesses.  I really do my best to support those run by women.  Garner Girls Pickles is one that I love to support, and by support I mean eat, a lot.

Liz Garner decided to take a leap of faith and leave her music industry career to bring her grandmother’s pickle recipe to the masses.  World pickle domination was the task at hand.  A few months after she started, her pickles were featured in the New York Times holiday gift guide.  That ladies and gentlemen, was their first press hit.  Not bad for some chicks from Mississippi huh? Not only do  they make batch delicious pickles and relishes,  no, why stop as successful pickles?  The over achieving Garner girls are event planners and their beautiful culinary studio can be use for gatherings.  Did I mention that Liz also kicked cancer to the curb like cold fried fish all while starting a business?

Yesterday I had the fortunate opportunity to stop by their kitchen and check out some of the new offerings.

where the magic happens
Where the magic happens!

They have been known and adored for their sweet offerings.  Well, as candy falls from the sky they decide to do dills.  I’m not a dill girl but there have been a few homemade dills that I will absolutely eat.  I expect these to be no different.

The actual magic!
The actual magic!

If you are a lover of the finer pickles in life you should do  your taste buddies a favor and pick up a jar.  I have not tried the relish in deviled eggs but I have heard that that combination is enough to solicit a marriage proposal.  Maybe that’s why I’m still not wed. Note to self, make deviled eggs with relish.


The dills in waiting.
The dills in waiting.

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