Meatless Monday’s – Happy baby edition

I have just returned home from the super awesome and very informative Blogher conference. While at the conference I had the pleasure of speaking to some really insightful entrepreneurs. I also got to try some new products, some were excellent, some were not so excellent. Over the next couple of days I’m going to share some of my experiences. Today I’m dedicating this Meatless Monday to Happy Baby.

I do my best to keep artificial flavors, colors, processed foods, and fast foods, out of my family’s diet. Chick-fil-A is an exception! It is like the Amalfi Coast of fast food. I won’t even call it fast food, I’m going to call it quickly prepared food. Anywho, we eat it! For my daughter I make all of her baby food. For almost the entire month of July we have been traveling so I needed something that traveled well. Happy Baby is what I went for. She is still on stage one and the Happy Baby stage 1 food is literally just the vegetable and water. It’s also organic. Wanna know something else? It doesn’t cost $64.99 per serving! It is actually the lowest priced (in my target) of all of the organic options.

While at Blogher I was invited to the Happy Baby informational session. We learned about the process, the products, and the benefit of organic food. I soaked it all up! I learned that cereal isn’t really necessary and if you are gong to give your baby rice it should always be brown rice. That, I didn’t know. I made all of my son’s food using brown rice but that is because a neighbor gave me a 10lb bag when he was about 5 months old. Yeah me by default!

 Happy Baby has a lot of great new things that they are coming out with. There will be a baby food maker similar to the cuisinart baby, which I use. They are coming out with a prenatal line of food pouches for the expectant mom on the go. They also just came out with a line called Shine which is an adult food pouch of fruit and veggie blends.

I got to spend some time talking to Shazi Visram and listening to her share her vision and passion for healthy food was prodigious. We talked about nursing, we talked about my daughter and her eating habits, we talked about her son and how he loves chia seeds.  This beautiful humble woman took her passion and made it a nationally recognized business.  Cheers to you!  Shazi Visram is an amazing entrepreneur and from one mom to another I would like to say thank you!  You are a very cool mom!


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