Real life travel……

As I get older and wiser in motherhood, I realize I can’t freestyle my travel like I used to. Before kids I would buy a ticket, maybe or maybe not have accommodations, and transportation was always a last minute thing. Those days are loooong gone!

I was preparing for our upcoming trip to New York and I figured we would stay with the bestie for 3 nights and do a hotel for two. Once I figured out all of the ubering and/or taxi rides that would be required, this accommodation set up was beginning to look less attractive. I also realized if I stayed in the hotel the whole time I could leave the car seats at home since we could walk or subway where we needed to go. No car seats??? No lugging a stroller, and 2 suitcases which my 7 year old may or may not help me carry depending on his mood? I called the hotel to extend my stay quicker than I could throw a Lego after stepping on it.  When traveling with children I will always spend the extra money on convenience.

The goal after all, is to have a great time which now takes planning. I don’t want to spend time fussing at my kids because they are tired, hungry, irritated, overstimulated, or any of the other 1000 grievances they could legitimately have because I did some 22 year old with perky titties planning.  I must now travel like an adult with responsibilities even if it cost more money.

Lessons I learned the hard way!


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