The digital divide is now annoying and nostalgic.

The beloved nintendo
The beloved nintendo

I have now come to realize that all things really do go in cycles.  If you look at your children and the things that they do, they are similar to things we did as children just more advanced.  My son is obsessed with his iPad, as soon as he wakes up in the morning that’s the first thing he asks for.  All day, all he wants to do is play on his iPad which is irritating.  Once he gets on his iPad he cannot function or hear or focus on anything else at all. There could be an epic Avengers vs X-men battle going on in front of him and he would be none the wiser.

bubble bobble
bubble bobble

We recently went on a family trip and in the car I would let him use his iPad.  While we were on the plane he literally almost had a melt down because I would not let him play on his iPad.  I made him read books which really choked his chicken.  My goal was to keep him off the iPad for the whole week.  He would be around his cousins and plenty of outdoor space so he should play and interact with people right?  Wrong.  All the kids wanted to do collectively is play on the damn iPad.  All the way down to the 18 month old!

subway surfer
subway surfer, my son’s game of choice.

One particular time he was literally begging me to feed his dragons and check on his village.  I let him and a light bulb went off.  What he is doing is no different from when my sister and I would sit in front of our Nintendo and play bubble bobble or super Mario for hours on end.  Like literally our mother would go to work and come back and we were still on the Nintendo.  Once I realized that I have eased up just a tad and I mean just a tad.  I think he is still to young to be glued to an electronic device if he can’t whiz through a book with ease.

Super Mario and Dragon City.  1990 vs 2015
Super Mario and Dragon City. 1990 vs 2015

dragon city

It is so funny how you will inevitably sound like your parents and your children will do as you once did.  This is the annoying part of parenting that I will never share with my parents because they will just gloat.  I’d rather share with strangers and my imaginary internet friends:)


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