The mom taxi life is real!

Mommy taxi
Mommy taxi

My mother would always get mad at myself and my sisters and say that she is not our taxi. I got it, but I didn’t really get it.  I thought as a mom it was her job and she should just quit mooing and gleefully be our chariot.  Fast forward about 13 years and I was a mom of one.  I was always happy to take my kid wherever he needed to go.  I loved being a mom and this was part of my mom duties.  This further made me think my mother was horrible and I wished I could trade her in for Diana Ross.  Not that Diana Ross was an awesome taxi (to my knowledge) but at least I would have an amazing closet inheritance.

My fairy wish mother
My fairy wish mother

Six more years go by and I’m now the mom of two. It gets real when you have more than one.  Today was one of those days where I was like you have got to be kidding me!  My son didn’t want to go to camp this morning until I informed him that he would not sit and home and watch tv/ipad all day.  An hour later when he realized I was serious he decided he wanted to go to camp.  By the time I dropped him off at camp it was time for his sister to go to Gymboree.  After Gymboree I wanted to go sit down and have lunch but I realized I needed to get home work, prep dinner, and then leave out to go pick up the kid from camp.  I then realized once we get home I would have to change his clothes and take him to karate.  In my mind I’m thinking this is torture and my mother is behind this. She has prayed that I get what is coming to me.  She is devious like that.  She loves a good payback!

I barely got anything done today because I was being mommy taxi and I think my kid with have PB&J for dinner.

C’est la vie.  I get it mom, sorry.


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