Do you know how to save a life?

CPR saves lives!
CPR saves lives!

Last night I took a CPR class because I am a mom of two and the last thing I remember about CPR is being grossed out about having to put my mouth on someone in high school.

A wonderful mom network that I am a part of sent out an email offering a free training class.  I jumped at the opportunity to snag a seat.

The class was full of parents, some with kids in and some with kids out.  All were there for the same reason.  To learn how to save a life should we ever be called upon to do so.

The teacher who taught the class was nothing short of amazing.  He understood that we were all parents and his first rule was that we visualize another child or situation while we are learning.  Never think about your own children.  He was stern without being scary.  I learned so much during that class that I now feel like should I ever have to help someone in need, I am perfectly capable of doing so.  Knowing what I now know about CPR I’m also confident in what I’m doing.

Most people are scared to hurt someone, or to not do it correctly.  What we were told is if CPR is needed you are basically dead so it only gets better from dead.  As harsh as that sounded, it’s a reality and we learned why.  We learned what the act of CPR actually does and how it affects the heart, lungs, and the brain.  It was he most insightful thing I think I have done on a Tuesday night lol.

After the CPR lesson, he taught a segment on choking and how to help a person in need.  We learned how to help short people, kids, babies, obese people, ourselves, and pregnant women.  All I can say is YES, and Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am including a few videos so that hopefully this will encourage you to take a class, especially if you are a parent.  Choking and drowning are the two of the top killers of children.  Imagine knowing that you could help anyone in that situation until help arrives.

If you live in Atlanta I would totally recommend having Ben do your training.  He is wonderful!


Georgia CPR, LLC
office:     678-267-1378
toll free: 866-374-3872


2 thoughts on “Do you know how to save a life?

  1. Aww, this is awesome! I’m thrilled you left the class feeling armed. They say usually those who are CPR certified rarely have to use it because they are prepared. Hopefully people will be encouraged to get trained because Lord knows we don’t need to have an unprepared person there in life threatening event. #fistpumpforyou

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