It’s time to workout again…let your booty do that yoga!


I am almost six months postpartum and it’s time to start working out again.  By again I mean for the first time.  I never worked out much before the baby but I did do prenatal yoga a few times a month during my pregnancy.  Right before I found out I was pregnant I had gotten into Bikram yoga and I enjoyed it quite a bit, so I think I’ll try to go back to that.

I can’t do regular yoga because I feel like I have ADD and all the silence and then breathing blows me. I start thinking about my laundry and what I’m going to make for dinner.  I’m also very competitive so when I see someone stick their foot behind their ear I feel like they are calling me out and challenging me.  That never ends well.  With Bikram, the room is hot and my muscles are more flexible so it makes me feel like I’m Elastigirl and I’m accomplishing things.  I like accomplishments!

I watch this Janelle Monet video as my inspiration to my return to yoga countdown.  If yoga will help me get hindquarters like hers I’m ALL in!!!!!!!!!!!


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