Lactation Station coming your way!

Zutano lactation suite
Zutano lactation suite

These wonderful little pods make me very happy!  I am a nursing mom and will nurse wherever I have to without worry.  I have a wonderful aden + anais swaddle  (this can be purchased at  that I use to cover up and I’m golden!  I have had a few mishaps.  I have had my daughter expose her milk source when she decided to pull of her swaddle at a restaurant.  I have had her kicking while I’m trying to cover up.  I have had my son running amuck while I’m trying to nurse.  It would have been great to have a pod to contain my boobs and my kids with out anyone looking at me.

me nursing in a restaurant under my aden + anais swaddle
me nursing in a restaurant under my aden + anais swaddle

Enter Zutano

“Founded by two designers prompted to action by their personal experiences as working, nursing moms, Mamava designed freestanding pods called “lactation suites” to provide mothers with safe, private places to pump and nurse. The first pod, complete with seating, a fold-down table, a power supply for breast pumps, and plenty of space for bags and strollers, was installed at Burlington International Airport in August 2013.

Now you can find lactation suites (in 15 states) at airports, malls, and college campuses across the country. Three more pods are also set to open at JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty airports in New York and New Jersey this May, just in time for Mother’s Day. To find a station near you, download the free Mamava Lactation Station Locator on iTunes.”

thank you mommas for making your vision come to life!


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