I have become the second kid mom from the Luvs commercials

I am on kid number two. I have heard that things change when the second one comes.  Word on the street is you mellow out a bit.  I didn’t thing this would be true for me.  I was uber neurotic with my first and still am just a tad.  I noticed during my second pregnancy I favored donuts over my almost vegetarian diet with my first kid.  That should have been a sign.


Today my daughter had a sticky, gooey booger in her nose.  She was also mooing because she was hungry.  I put her on my lap to nurse her while I picked her nose.  That booger was much larger than it appeared and was  pretty darn gross.  I looked around and noticed I had no tissues, wipes, or anything appropriate for me to put a booger on.  I didn’t even think twice, I wiped said booger on my $200 jeans and went back to making phone calls.  I had a bowl of cherries on my desk and I was hungry so with my daughter still on my lap and booger on my jeans I grabbed a few cherries and enjoyed.  After cherry #3 I realized that I had not washed my hands.  I am now enjoying cherries with booger and breastmilk essence on them.  Oh how the mighty have fallen!  All I could do is laugh lololol.

There is something about having the stick out of your proverbial arse that feels amazing!  I actually stress less now that everything does not has to be perfect.  I even let my dirty 7 year old kiss his sister when he comes home from school.  Imagine that duffel bag of germs on him!


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