Meatless Mondays – Kid’s lunch edition!

Meat free and yummy!
Meat free and yummy!

With summer coming up many of us will have to pack lunches for our children for summer camp.  Your children can join in on the meatless Mondays challenge by having fun meat free lunches!  Below are some really cool lunches that I found online.  I can’t post any of my kid’s meatless lunches because they aren’t this pretty and I posted all the pretty ones last week. lol, I’m fresh out of pictures that make you think I’m Mary Poppins.  I’m on regular old Phnewfula made lunches now.  I’m well aware of my shortcomings I’m not pintrest queen.

super cute! If you don't do cheese you can make a pb&j sandwhich
super cute! If you don’t do cheese you can make a pb&j sandwich
this definately took some time lol
this definitely took some time lol
i make a lunch very similar to this with soy dogs

Here are the sites I pulled these lunches from



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