Cloth diapering is not as unsexy as we once thought!

Flip Diapers Cloth diapering system
Flip Diapers Cloth diapering system

As the owner of an eco-friendly store I do my very best to minimize my carbon footprint.  One of the things that comes to mind when one has a baby is cloth diapering.

My struggle with diaper options is evident in my store offerings in that department.   We used to carry Nature Baby Care which is a biodegradable diaper.  I loved that diaper brand however, once I started seeing them in clearance bins at Babies r’ us I knew we needed to phase those out.  I have tried a few others and I haven’t found the perfect diaper yet.  I’m still looking.  When I do, I will offer them for sale on the site!

As of now I have literally tried 5 different brands and my daughter is only 5 months old.  Some were good enough, some were disastrous.  All of them were eco diapers.  One late night, I realized I had 2 diapers left, a sleepy and whiny 6 year old, and an overly tired infant.  I desperately needed to stop and get diapers and at this point I was using Earth’s Best.  The only place I could get those in my area was target.  I was not up for the production of target.  There was no way that I would escape the Avengers displays and the 90 million questions of “mommy can I have, because Captain America is my favorite, and the Hulk is awesome, and mom did you know Tony Stark is an inventor like me, so when can I have it now please.” demands disguised as questions.  I decided to go home and cloth.

One size fits all!
One size fits all!

I have carried Flip diapers for the last 3 years and my customers have loved them.  I have had nothing but positive feedback.  Me, I don’t like poop.  I’m not going to voluntarily sigh up for something that means I have to touch poop more than I already do.  I spoke to my sister who has 2 young ones and has purchased the Flip diaper system from me and she raved about it.  Down to just one diaper at this point, I figured either I used the cloth diapers or my kid is going to have paper towels tied to her until I go to the store.  Cloth diapers win!

The Flip diaper is a hybrid system, there is a diaper insert that  you use and once it’s soiled you take it out and replace it.  Genius! The shell is waterproof so you can just rinse it and keep it moving if need be.  My daughter made it all through the night with no leaks, no issues.  I tossed the insert into the wet bucket and washed them later that day.  This really was super easy. How could I have denied myself this wonderful diaper??  Flip also travel diaper so that you can dispose of the insert when you are done instead of washing it.  I must say I am in love!

how to use flip diapers
how to use flip diapers

I’m not 100% committed to only cloth diapers, but I’m definitely on board the cloth diaper train.  I figured if I only used cloth diapers at night I would save 30 diapers a month which equals about $15.  $15 dollars times 12 equals $180.  I can go to the spa, buy new shoes, or fly to Miami!  I have decided that my daughter will wear cloth diapers anytime we are in the house thus doubling or tripling my savings.  The other great thing about the Flip diaper is there is never a need to buy a bigger size.  They grown with your baby.

You can purchase them at


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