Cutting it in the Atl!

Cutting it in the Atl
Cutting it in the Atl

I had the privilege of going to see an advanced screening of cutting it in the Atl, a new reality show about the hair industry in Atlanta.  I generally don’t watch reality shows unless it’s Top Chef.  I was interested to see this show because it was centered around the actual business owners.  Not having many expectations, I went.

cast q & a
cast q & a

After seeing the full show I actually enjoyed it!  There is obviously going to be a certain amount of ridiculousness and cat fighting because that’s what the viewers want to see.  I did however, see how the women cared about their businesses and their brands.  There were two stand outs on the show that I really want to watch.  One is Maja who owns a chain of lesser priced weave shops and the other is Mushiya who owns a natural hair salon.  Maja made i believe she said 1.2 million dollars last year and it was all self-made so yes, I will absolutely listen to her.  Mushiya, lives her brand which I believe is very important.  If you have a natural hair salon then no one in your salon should have hair that does not reflect your salon offerings.

I will do my best to watch the entire season so that I can see how exactly these women do.  I love to see entrepreneurs at work especially women.  Even tho I’m not a fan of the drama I am a fan of seeing businesses expand and employ.  We all if done right reality TV definitely gives you a platform for expansion.

my elevator selfie
my elevator selfie

Above is a clip from the season.  Unfortunately, this trailer is PACKED with drama..


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