I have become the mom of lunch convenience:(

the beginning of the end lol
the beginning of the end lol

As a self proclaimed eco mom, I have always tried to take the green approach to everything, especially when it comes to my children.  I make my son’s lunch for him daily and I have always used multi-use and reusable lunch containers for my son’s lunch. Recently I saw the honest juices on sale at whole foods.  I said to myself “self, let’s grab these!”

turkey and cheese, bilingual cookies, salad, and the dreaded juice box
turkey and cheese, bilingual cookies, salad, and the dreaded juice box

I did and it was a horrible mistake into my convince downfall.  Before, the juice box I would just pour juice or milk into my sons reusable drink holder.  Once I realized I could just grab a box and toss it in his lunch this became my new thing.  I no longer had to clean his juice container and actually take the 37 seconds to pour liquid into it!  GENIUS!!!!!!!!  I have saved myself like 3 mins a day!!!

bento! bento!
bbq chicken, kale salad, a pear, banana bread, and his milk was in his reusable drink container

Once I started that, I saw a multi single serve bags of pirates booty on sale.  I grabbed that too.  Now, I’m tossing a bag, and a juice box in his lunch so all I have to actually make is his entrée, his fruit, and on some days a sweet treat.  I have now saved myself a whole 5 mins a day!

bento #2
seabass, rice, heirloom carrots, oranges, and Annie’s naturals bunny cookies. His drink was in his reusable drink container

I went through the bag of pirates booty and I realized that this is a slippery slope.  First its bags of stuff, then next thing I know I’m sending my kid to school with Twinkies.  I can’t do it!  I can’t try to save the environment all while having my son throw away a juice box container and an empty snack bag daily. I have now gone back to packaging everything myself except for the juice box.  I can’t give up the juice box lol.  Cleaning milk out of all of the crevices of those drink cups are ridiculous.


5 thoughts on “I have become the mom of lunch convenience:(

  1. Hehhe I remember taking a reusable drink cup of orange juice to school every day in elementary school, and if it hadn’t been perfectly scrubbed clean the night before, I would end up with an explosion of fizzy(partially fermenting) orange juice…Can’t blame you for not wanting to deal with that!! 😛

    1. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or when your kid forgets his container at school for 3 days and it still has milk in it when he comes home. GROSS and stinky. lolol

  2. I am not a parent, but have many parent friends and have been a kid. 😉 I just had a similar discussion with my best friend because she was treating her kids to McDonald’s that day and feeling guilty about it. The kids knew it was a treat and not an everyday thing. They know their parents care and try to feed them healthy foods. They’ll be okay. 🙂

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