You don’t make friends with salad.

On Tuesday night at around 8:34pm the kid told me that he needed snack for his whole class tomorrow.  I said that I wasn’t familiar with that request and I hadn’t gotten any correspondence from his teacher.  Our conversation went as such:

Tk: mom, I have to bring snacks for the class tomorrow.
M: I didn’t see any correspondence about that? Do I need to call your teacher?
Tk: yes, she said who wants to bring snacks so I raised my hand.
M: oh I see. Well I have carrots.
Tk: no, it doesn’t have to be healthy mom, it can be junk like candy or something.
M: I’m not buying junk, and if you need it tomorrow all I have is carrots.
Tk: that’s gonna be the worst!!!!
M: well stop volunteering me for stuff and not telling me till 8:34pm

I posted this conversation on my Facebook page and all my friends laughed at me and the kid and told me not to send him to school with carrots or he was going to get made fun of.  I had no choice, I had nothing in the house that I could send to school for 23 kids.  I was not going to bake anything at that late hour either. My baby was already mad that she was up past her bedtime.

salad1 salad2

In an effort to not send my kid to school with a bag of baby carrots, I went to the kitchen to jazz them up.  I don’t even buy baby carrots as I find them offensive.  I don’t understand them.  I had them because a homeless woman asked me to buy her some vegetables on my way into the grocery store that morning and I figured these were probably the best for snacking.

I added some honey, cinnamon, lemon juice, raisins, cranberries, and vanilla to the carrots and put them in the fridge overnight to marinate.

I sent him to school with his carrots and 24 biodegradable cups to put the carrots in.  When I dropped him off I said a quick prayer that he would not come home angry because all the kids called him carrot boy.  It reminded me of a song that my sister used to sing called You don’t make friends with salad.

Fast forward to school pickup and the first thing he said was that his friends loooooooooooooooved the carrots and they want to know if I can make some more.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the sweet taste of victory.  Mommy wins with carrots!


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