The birth effect.

Judgy wudgy was a bear.
Judgy wudgy was a bear.

I came across the above picture on a facebook share and I was deeply disturbed.  With mothers there are always some sort of ridiculous divide that shouldn’t be.  The working mom vs the stay at home mom. The natural birth mom vs the epidural mom.  The breastfeeding mom vs the formula mom.  Last time I checked nobody has won an award for being more superior than another mom.

This particular post was even more so disturbing because of the number of likes!  It was a new post at the time so I’m sure it has much more now.  Isn’t the objective of birth to get your baby into the world the safest way possible?  Sometimes that is a C-section.  Some mothers have no control over the outcome of how their baby gets here.  To shame them or try to make them feel less than because they didn’t push is ridiculous.  I pushed and I pushed naturally and I think I had it easier than a C-section.  Nothing about a surgical procedure seems exciting to me.  I’m sure that some of the moms that required C-sections probably felt the same way but had to do what they had to do to get their children here safely.

Judging a person or putting them down doesn’t make you look better or make you superior, it puts your insecurities on your face like makeup.  Being a mother is an amazing thing, don’t let anyone’s judgement spoil it for you.

I am going to start a birth stories and secret lives of parents section so that we can all share our stories.  No one parent is better than the other.  We are all just different.

Ok, I need to give a disclaimer that there are sometimes when I’m judgemental and its mostly when i see parents giving their 4 year old a 7 11 big gulp of coke.  There I said it!!! lolol, if i didn’t say i know 100% there would be a comment on this post from a particular person calling me a hypocrite for telling people not to judge.


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