The people at Taco Bell must be on drugs.

hot wings, nachos, and potato skins, in a burrito?
hot wings, nachos, and potato skins, in a burrito?

Sometimes I look at the Taco Bell commercials and think, the people who come up with the new products must be on drugs.  There is no other way to come up with the type of food combinations they come up with without some sort of mental liftability.  I first thought this when I saw the Dorito Loco Taco.  I know what you are thinking, how could you not think of drugs when they unveiled the Gordita, or Chalupa?  I gave those a pass as odd as I thought they were, they were still in the realm of bad creative taco combinations.

looks like a night on the toilet
looks like a night on the toilet

I am not mad at the drug community taking up residency at the head of the Taco Bell creative department, stoners need jobs too.  I just find it funny that it is so obvious that these creations clearly came from a night of being high and someone said what if we wrap a taco, with a taco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m sure that Taco Bell gets tons of business where marijuana is legal.  If I owned a Taco Bell I would open up right next to a dispensery and get paid!

Waffle taco?
Waffle taco?

Maybe that is where run for the border came from?  Run for the border to get more drugs so we can make the chicken biscuit taco!  I would love to be in one of their meetings just to see the process.  I would need a gas mask, and I would need to eat before I go but feel like that might be the most entertaining thing ever!!!  I find high people most amusing.

I wonder if the meeting will start late lol


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