The loss of innocence or is it just bad outside world influence?

kids saying bad words had been around for a while.
kids saying bad words had been around for a while.

I am an extremely over protective mother to my children.  I have done everything I can to preserve their innocence and make sure they get to remain children for as long as they should.  Cartoons, playing outside, eating breakfast for dinner, ice cream for good doctor visits, camping you name it.  I want my children to look back at their childhood and smile.

I do my best to make sure the older one doesn’t hear to many curse words, we don’t listen to hip hop, and now we can barely listen to the pop station.  I make sure he doesn’t play violent games, see to many violent movies except the marvel movies, I’m 100% guilty on all counts:)  I make sure that he doesn’t see any overly sexual stuff as much as I can control.  That is all that things that I can do within my control.  I try to be a great example.  Sometimes I fail.  My son learned the F word when a car was doing some serious unsafe driving and almost hit me.  It’ happens.  I explained to him that I used a bad word and he is not to say.

We recently moved and I am now learning everything is not in MY control.  My kid has to go out into the world and be able to deal with what’s out there.  That is a scary, scary, thought.  He is in a new school and we have both learned some hard lessons in the first week of school.

On day two of school I get a note from his teacher wanting to talk to me about my son’s “very adult” language.  I was baffled and called her immediately.  Turns out that on that day he has learned “pu$$y”, the phrase “put it in”, “ass” and phrases regarding sex.  Needless to say I was literally speechless.  I was stuttering on the phone.  My son doesn’t know those words was all I could say when I got my composure back.  I was furious!!  I asked him about it and he was in tears saying “mommy, I don’t even know what that means!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I was obviously not going to explain “pu$$y” to him or “put it in”.  I did explain that if he didn’t know what a word meant she should absolutely not repeat it ever.  If he has a question and really wants an answer he is to ask me or his dad.  I realized that he was getting the new kid treatment.  The bad kids in his class figured out he had no idea what these words were and were telling him to say those things.  Of course he did.

After I got over the shock of everything I thought about how I try to protect my kid and how he really has no idea what these kids are talking about.  I began to feel sad for those kids especially if they know what those words mean.  It is natural to say curse words when you are a kid.  You do it to get a reaction.  I get it.  My problem is if those kids know what “pu$$y” is and the proper usage of it.  Why does a 6 year old even know the phrase “put it in”???  Why????  My goodness what is going on that he/she knows that.  That is disheartening to me.  That kid should be talking about teen titans go, or my little pony, not sex!

I realize that as much as I try to do for my kid, that is not enough.  Everyone’s kid is my problem.  I want to hug all of those kids and just give them a cartoon marathon with ice cream.  That wouldn’t really help if their home life was not one where they could simply BE children.  I’m just so sad that kids even have to know about sex at that age.  IF they do in fact know what those words mean.  The truth is that there are kids dealing with things at home that I wouldn’t wish on my worse adult enemy.  There are kids that have older siblings/cousins and that think it’s cute to teach their younger family members those things.  Or, there are some kids that just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and hear some things they shouldn’t have.  For all of our sake I hope the latter is the case.

For now, I will be watching like a hawk.   I will sit in on class next week to see what is going on in that class and better teach my son how to react.  Right now he is learning that he has to think and most importantly never follow.  Always lead.


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