Dreamworks Home

Dreamworks Home hits theaters March 27th!
Dreamworks Home hits theaters March 27th!

Yesterday the kids and I had the privilege of going to an advanced screening of the Dreamorks film Home.  The movie stars Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Steve Martin, and Jennifer Lopez.  My son has been asking to go see it ever since he saw the first trailor, I was totally sucked in at small purple aliens.  When I got the invitation to the screening I was very tight lipped about it.  I inteded on making a huge production out of our day but it was a Tuesdsay and I was sleepy.  What I could do was hold the screening hostage as a behavior reward all week.  All he knew is that he had a surprise in which he got to leave the house lol.

Cast of Home
Cast of Home

When we got the movies a man gave us the background on the film and welcomed us to the screening.  He used a very loud microphone which caused my 3 month old to go into a complete panic.  I have never heard my child scream like that before. She was so scared, I had to check her to make sure she wasn’t hurt!  I immediately left the theater to calm her down and wait for the man to finish.  Even tho I know I have a very well behaved baby and she was crying because she was scared, the rest of the movie goes were looking at me like i was “that mom” with “that baby”.  Luckily she calmed down shortly after we exited the theater.

our attempted "usie"
our attempted “usie”

We got back in just in time for the movie to start.  I couldn’t wear my 3D glasses until she went to sleep because she kept looking at me crazy.  I figured some boobie juice would help the situation, so I fed her.  After that she went to sleep and her brother and I got to enjoy the movie!

The Boov!
The Boov!

Home was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love the message in the movie, I am such of fan of teaching without beating the message into you.  The music was pretty awesome as well, I guess that is to be expected with Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez staring in the movie.  I also very much loved the look of the characters.  They were not uber skinny girls.  Tip looks like most of your average looking children.  I also loved that she didn’t have a specific ethnic look.  Even tho she says she is from Barbados in the movie she could easily be a mixture of other ethnicities.  What a refreshing departure from the Disney princesses.

high hand touching!
high hand touching!

Home is an awesome family movie,  I am significantly older than my son lol, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did he!  We both want our own personal boovs to have and to hold.  We will ask santa for one!


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