vitamin d

I WISH I had known about the dangers of the vitamin D drops before I started my daughter on them.  We went to her one month check up and because she is exclusively breastfed, her doctor said to give her vitamin D drops.  I sent the kid’s dad to the store to get the drops, I read the package, and I started giving her the drops according to the package instructions.  At least what I thought were the package instructions.

The next day my daughter had very liquid poop.  I figured it was something I ate and kept it moving.  Over the next 4 days she would still have liquid poop.  I called her doctor to let them know that since I started giving her the vitamin D she had been having liquid stools.  Her doctor said as long as she was eating well and still having 5 or more wet diapers a day then we were fine.  That same day she would not get up for anything.  I had to wake her to feed her and she would go right back to sleep.  Within an 18 hour period she was fully awake for maybe 15-20 mins.  I was worried but figured she was tired because she hadn’t slept well the day before.  That night I looked at her vitamin D drops and decided not to give them to her.  While doing that I looked at the package and noticed that it said 749 drops per bottle.  I looked at the almost half empty bottle and was very confused.  She had only been taking it for 4 days so how do they figure there are 749 drops in the bottle?  I then looked at the dosage amount and my mouth dropped!  I had been giving her one dropper full instead of one drop.  One dropper is equivalent to 30 drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I panicked and called her doctor again.  Her doctor said that she should be fine but to call poison control.  I Immediately called poison control and they instructed me to take her to the emergency room.  Once there I saw the emergency room was full of germs and kids.  Not a place I wanted my 6 week old child.  We were called into a room to check vitals and the nurse made a call and says to me “We are admitting you now!” The amount of freak out going through my body now is at an all time high.  When we get back to the exam room a doctor finally explains to me what is going on.  Vitamin D pulls calcium for easy digestion.  To much vitamin D pulls too much calcium and caused deposits on your kidneys.

My baby was immediately given an IV catheter and had blood drawn.  When her blood came back she had elevated calcium levels that needed to be monitored.  We were told we would need to stay overnight.

The next morning a new team of doctors came in and gave me a bit more detail.  Her elevated levels were not dangerous but they needed to see them go down before she could be released.  The doctor said that they have been trying to get the vitamin D dosage regulated as they have seen increases in vitamin D overdoses in kids.  He told me he had a family in last month with a vitamin D overdose where the child was not as fortunate as mine.  Their child had permanent kidney damage.  I was devastated.  All this before they sent me off to get an ultrasound of my babies kidneys.

After the ultrasound we were told that her levels were the same and the first test so we would not be able to leave.  We would need to stay another night.  Her ultrasound came back clear so I was relieved and thankful for that.  Our night was pretty peaceful as we just waited for morning and repeat test.

The next morning vitals were taken and blood was drawn.  We waited a few hours for the results to come in and her calcium levels were down!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were released and due to follow up with our pediatrician in 3 days.

That was a complete nightmare and I hope that reading this may prevent a mom from making the same mistake I did. I am so thankful my daughter is fine!


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