Placenta encapsulation

I consider myself to be a very natural chick.  I do my best to stay on the green side of things.  We recycle, we use biodegradable products, we use green cleaning products, we grow our food, we don’t do artificial colors or flavors, we are pretty good over here.  In line with my naturalness I wanted to make sure that I am able to do a natural birth.  I totally epiduraled out on my first one so I am mentally and physically preparing myself better to handle this one.

placenta encapsulation
placenta encapsulation

While I was searching for my doula, I saw that a lot of them were placenta encapsulation specialist.  I had no idea what that was so rather than look it up I do what I always do and call someone who knows the answer.  My sister is a doula so I figured she would know.  I called, she told me that placenta encapsulation is when you take the placenta and make it into edible pills.  I hung up the phone, threw up, then called her back to finish the discussion.

platty p in the house!
platty p in the house!

I am all for natural remedies but freezing my placenta, grinding it up, and then eating it was just a bit more than I could handle at 11:48am CST.  Obviously it makes sense.  The nutrients in the placenta were good enough to nurture your baby while he or she was in so why not take them to help you nurture your baby through breast milk.  I mean I get.  I understand and if it wasn’t gross I’d do it lol.  I just cannot get over the mental aspect of it.


To add insult to injury my sister started tagging me in a bunch of placenta pics on instagram further making me want to hurl.  In one picture there was placenta on a dehydrator just chilin like korean BBQ.  She was totally NOT helping the cause.

I am very thankful to my placenta for nurturing my little cocoa bean.  I am so happy that Platty P is healthy, functional, and in place where she is supposed to be.  I am so indebted to her that I do not want to eat her lol.  Just seems mean.  Maybe I can bury her and plant a tree!

platty p

I do hope to get over the curry placenta heebeegeebees. Just because I understand the function of ingestion it and I do believe that it is good for the body.  I just maybe wish that I didn’t know what it was that I was eating lol.


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