The thing about leaving kids in the hot car…

I came across this youtube video on facebook and I completely get where this man is coming from.  Whenever I hear of a child dying from being left in a hot car I just can’t of what their parents were thinking.  Every time I hear something like that I’m just at a loss.  I did not want to be one of those parents that stand on a soapbox saying “I would never leave my child in the car”  that would be a lie.  I have several times as I know a lot of moms do.  Most of my friends have and will probably still do so.  I think the common sense rule is really what applies.

Having a sleeping two year old in the car and having to run into the UPS store to drop off a package, yes, that is a situation where I have left my child in the car with the AC on and the doors locked.  Living in the midwest I have automatic start on my car so that insures that I can take my keys and not worry about somehow getting them locked in the car with my kid in the car.  EVEN IF somehow that were to happen, I would have broken a window without a second thought and I also would not have been gone long enough to face any issues.  I would say the absolute max time my kid has been in a car may have been 2 mins with the AC or heat on.  I also always have full view of my child or I have someone else watching.  If I get inside and what I need to do is going to take longer than my two mins.  I come back at a different time.  Many moms do face the what do I do when the baby is sleeping and I literally have to run something in, or pick up something, or use the bathroom?  Most of us have left our kids in the car to do those things.  With multiples someone being left in the car happens all the time.

Not to be sexist but the man in the video says that his kids would just have to come with him or him not go.  I think if he were a mom that would be a different story.

I certainly don’t advocate leaving children in the car.  Especially with the car off, doors locked, and windows up.  Hell even with the windows down it is to hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just didn’t want to be the mom who pretended to not understand some of the decisions we make.  I do not understand the decisions of people who leave their children in the car under those conditions is what I will say.  I can’t even sit in the car without the AC on for more than a few mins so I would never do that to my child, or a pet.

I think with everything there is just common sense.  Never leave your kids in a hot car, never leave your kids in a car in an area that is not safe or unfamiliar to you, never lock your kids in the car with the keys in the car, never leave your kids in the car if they have the ability to try to “drive” it, never leave your kids in a cold car, the list really goes on of just good common sense.  I really hope that people do take a good look at this video just if nothing else to see how hot a car really is and how quickly things can go south.


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