The hiatus stops here…hopefully

I had made a deal with myself that I would be a lot better with blogging.  I was doing really well for 3 years, then I got locked out of my blog and stared over.  That would be this one:)  I thought I was doing well, then I got preggo!!  Yippeeee for us!!!!!!

I was sick for 10 out of the last 15 weeks so all I have done is sleep and puke.  I have had zero energy to do much else besides the 9-5 I get paid to do.  Anything after that was not going to get done.  That includes being a functional parent to my 6-year-old.  Most nights he ate cereal, pb&j, chipotle, or pizza because I was too sick to cook.   The smell of food would drive me to vomit so I just didn’t cook, at all, period.

At least I don't still live in Japan:_
At least I don’t still live in Japan:-)

My doc put my on anti nausea meds that make me sleepy so I was generally in bed by 6-6:30 every night.  This part my kid didn’t mind because he is generally not allowed to watch tv on school nights.  However, because I couldn’t keep my eyes open, or bother to pay attention to anything that wasn’t a toilet.  I let him stay in my bed and watch tv until his bedtime.  Most nights he fell asleep in the bed with me and we slept happily every after.  He and nick jr. have a great relationship!

thank GOD for peanut butter & jelly!
thank GOD for peanut butter & jelly!

Now that i’m entering my 16th week and the nausea has for the most part dissipated and I have the energy of a 25-year-old, I’m back in business!  I’m going to get back on my blogging schedule (I hope) and we’ll see what new things I come up with on round two of incubation!




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