Talk about inspiration!!

the is the true meaning of HEART!
the is the true meaning of HEART!

There are always great inspirational post that will move you to do things you thought you couldn’t do.  Or push you to finish a project you’ve been working on.  Or just sometimes give you that confident boost you need.  This video takes the inspirational cake for me.  I’ve watched it easily 6 times through different outlets.  I chose to post this particular video because the commentators are so excited for her they make me happy!!


This video was taken from the 2008 Big Ten track finals where runner Minnesota’s Heather Domiden falls during her 600 meter run.  The rest is history.

I’ll also include this one which is a clearer video but less fun commentary.

Being a former track runner myself, I know how damn near impossible this is so kudos to her.  She deserves to be the person inspiring so many strangers!


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