God bless the cronut!

look at those layers!!!
look at those layers!!!
Chef Domonique Ansel
Chef Dominique Ansel

I was on the phone with one of my program directors today and I asked him if he had ever had a cronut. For those of you not familiar a cronut is a donut/croissant hybrid.  My programmer said he had not, so obviously I told him I would send him some.  In the effort of not having to go on a cronut hunt in Chicago I decided to order them online.  When I had my meeting with cronuts I was in LA so I have not actually had them in Chicago tho I know we do have them.  When you google cronuts Dominique Asel pops up.  I click on the site, I like the picture, I decide to order.  Or so I thought.  Online ordering is for pick up only in the New York store and they are sold out until mid may.  Wow, I say.  WOW.  This has made me only want this cronut more so I have asked my bestie in NY to grab me some.  We will see if she comes through.  If she doesn’t I will be accepting resumes for my new bestie position.   I feel as tho I must have them!  Chef Ansel, I salut  you and your inner fat kid!!

God Bless the cronut!
God Bless the cronut!



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