super pretty tulips!
super pretty tulips!
tulips in Japan!
tulips in Japan!

Since I was a child growing up in Japan tulips have always been my favorite flower.  I’m sure most people don’t know there are tons of tulips in Japan, and where I lived I used to see them all the time on my way to the train station.  I always thought they were so beautiful and colorful.  I had a set of Encylapedias (remember those)  when I was younger and I saw a picture of tulip fields in Holland and that solidified by love for tulips.  I have loved them ever since.


tulip fields in Holland
tulip fields

In my 20’s I began to love sunflowers.  I just felt like if I was a flower I would be a sunflower!  I would purchase them every week at the farmers market just to sit on my table during the summer months.  I wanted to grow them but I am to scared of bees so that never happened.  They just make me happy!  To this day I still love sunflowers, there is no way you can not smile when you see one.

Sunflowers! happy Sunflowers!
Look at meeeeeeeeeeeee I”m a Sunflower! happy Sunflowers!

On Tuesday I went to buy flowers for a dear love of mine and I discovered a Fuji mum!!  There are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this year I just might alternate between the green fuji mums and sunflowers.  Until I can make it to Holland to play in the tulip fields I’ll keep some in my office:)

fuji mums!
fuji mums!

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