Meatless Mondays on the road edition

The Mud house St. Louis!
The Mud house St. Louis!

Today I’m on the road in St. Louis and I went to one of my favorite breakfast spots called the Mud House.  I ordered the Veggie Madame which is the vegetarian version of a croque Monsieur.  Instead of ham you get mushrooms!

The egg is always questionable with some vegetarians.  Some don’t eat eggs because they are considered meat and some do.  I’m not a vegetarian so I have no problem with eggs:)  I do however have a problem with runny yolks.  I decided now might be a good time to get over and just do it!  Also I was on a conference call and didn’t have the ability to go back to the counter and ask them to redo my egg lol.  I decided to flip the egg over so I couldn’t see the yolk and just dive in.  Once I cut it the yolk blended with the sauce so I really couldn’t even tell.  Gold star for me for being a big girl!!

Veggie Madame
Veggie Madame

If you are in St. Louis this is a definite must visit!  When I was here last time they had a sweet potato hash that had cauliflower and brussels sprouts in it!  yuuuuuuuuuum!

Mud House Menu.
Mud House Menu.

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