Travel Tuesday – Angsana Velavaru, Maldives!

I don't think i'd be mad at this at all
I don’t think i’d be mad at this at all

I was speaking to my Fairy blogmother Christie over at Living Simplistically Blog and she has a schedule of what she does weekly.  I’m not that savvy to stick to a schedule but there are 3 things that I love; Food, Travel, Fashion, and my kid, not in that order.  So I’ve decided to go back to Meatless Mondays, do Travel Tuesdays, possibly Fashion Fridays but maybe not really, and I will talk about my kid or kid related stuff or whatever I feel like talking about the rest of the days:)

Today is my first Travel Tuesday!

I saw this post on instagram via @beautifuldestinations.  I am enamered by their instagram and really wanted to share this one.

This is the Angsana Velavaru resort on Turtle Island in Maldives

The resort
The resort

The local language is: Maldivian.  Most of the resorts have English speaking personel


To fly to Male International airport from Chicago it will run you anywhere from $1500.00 on Qatar Airlines to $4988.00 on American Airlines

The rooms I found on for $401.00 a night.

if you choose to bring your children...
if you choose to bring your children…

The currency is: Rufiyaa (USD 1 = MRF 15.42)


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