Airplanes and hotel keys

My airline of choice
My airline of choice

I have been trying to get much better with blogging.  I had a blog which I updated quite frequently for 3 years.  I took a two month break came back and my blog had been suspended by wordpress and was gone into the ether.  Since then I haven’t really been able to get my groove back.  I’m working hard to do so:)

My preferred hotel reward program
My preferred hotel reward program

My job requires constant travel and I almost NEVER blog when I’m on the road.  I have been on the road since Tuesday which is why I have had no new post.  At some point in time I might try to actually get my life together and try to figure out how to blog from my phone.  That would actually be great seeing as tho I come across some really great stuff on the road.  I eat like I’m a teenager and there is no danger of me gaining weight.  I can’t say my hotels are all that fabulous because I’m not really in them that long to be fussy.

Once I do get my life together I will start sharing my experiences:)  I will call it, Airplanes and Hotel keys.


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