Regular run of the mill butt injections..

The goal.
The goal.

A friend of mine posted this video on his facebook page and I reluctantly decided to watch it.  It’s short, disturbing, and to the point.  I am certainly no member of the big booty club and while yes, at times I’d like a little more junk in my trunk; I could not imagine going to a hotel room and paying someone $2000+ to inject my butt with $1.59 mineral oil.  That just sounds ridiculous!  Ridiculous as it is, that’s what’s going on.  Mineral oil, caulk, silicon and all sealed up with crazy glue.  You could literally be on the street with your gluteus MAXXimus the next day!

Click here for the video Buttloads of pain.  It is 16 mins long.
Click here for the video Buttloads of pain. It is 16 mins long.

On the one hand I actually get it.  Nowadays you can actually make a living off of your assets.   The amount of money that strippers take home makes a college educated career woman like myself question why I went to school when I could just shake my ass.  Ah that’s right I don’t have one to shake and while I don’t judge other people’s choices.  That would not be the life that I choose.  I went to school in Atlanta which is the home of the strip clubs and I would watch some of these women take home $3000 a night!  In the video one of the strippers talked about how her butt paid for itself in one night.  Imagine that?  I would love for that to apply to something more practical like groceries!  How awesome would it be if they paid for themselves?  Like, I come home, cook dinner, and then magically the grocery money appears back in my bank account.  Voila! Instant gratification.

buttloads 2

before and after butt implants
before and after butt implants
Before and after
Before and after

If you are thinking about butt enhancements this is definitely good for you to watch.  Make sure you go to a licensed professional because the results can be irreversible if not done right.  Nobody wants a booty they can Frisbee with.


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