Skylanders are ruining my life

the skylanders! (well 1/4 of them)
the skylanders! (well 1/4 of them)

Being the mother of a boy really is like opening a box of cracker jacks daily.  Since I am not a boy, nor do I have brothers, I’m just not really that familiar with a lot of boy stuff.  The kid is currently obsessed with skylanders.  I had no idea what the hell those things were and he just kept asking me to buy him some.  Generally I research things before I buy them for him but he caught me right after Christmas when I was tired and my brain was melted.  Score for him!  He also had money from his grandmother so I didn’t have to actually pay for said skylanders.  Double winning!

skylander display at Toys R Us
skylander display at Toys R Us

Off to toys r us we go.  When we get there we are greeted by a small skylanders section of figurines, lunch boxes, and some other random stuff I don’t remember.  Then the very helpful sales person says “Oh the sylander section is in the back”.  I walk the kid back there and low and behold there is a whole wall of this stuff!  Once he starts picking up stuff I realize the skylanders are actually video games toys so to speak.  You put them on a a pad of some sort and they come to life in your video game.  What sucks for this kid is that his controller is not working to his xbox so none of these would work.  As I’m telling him this another kid about 10 comes over and says “oh don’t worry you can use these with your Xbox, I have one and they work in the Xbox” so the kid looks as me like I’ve just lied to him and says “See mommy they do work”.  I had to explain to him again that his controller wasn’t working and I needed to figure that out first. We left toys r us with a spiderman toy and a unfullfilled need for skylanders.

this is what they look like in the video game
this is what they look like in the video game

Everyday for the next two weeks he asked about his skylanders.  He has convinced his godmother to buy him some so she purchased two starter kits for him.  When they finally arrived I was able to get his remote working and all was well until he turned it on.  In the first 3 mins there is shooting which I do not allow him to play games with shooting in them.  He says “oh don’t worry mom it’s fake. It’s not real”  Not much I could do now.  I should have looked before I let him get them.

the kid's skylander beginner collection
the kid’s skylander beginner collection

He has 6 skylanders and apparently there are like 100 so he is doing very well in school and I mean VERY well in an effort to get us to buy him more skylanders.  They come with trading cards some sort of stickers I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with.  I mean the closest thing I have to compare to this is me trading garbage pail kids on the playground!  My world is now run by skylanders and I figure it will only get more intense and we really figure out how to work these things and what is all available to work with.

pray for me….


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