Being Mary Jane….

Being Mary Jane
Being Mary Jane

I’m sure by now most of us have seen the new show on BET called Being Mary Jane; starring Gabrielle Union.  For most of us this show fills the void of Scandal during its off season.  To me this show is just as scandalous with a nice amount of eye candy in the two leading men.  The main focus of the show is Mary Jane who is 38 successful, single, and has no children.  Ahh the life of the single successfuls, definitely a tale told many times and it usually has the same twist.  At some point or another they end up with a married man either voluntarily or unbeknownst to them.  It happens.  As you get older and the men in your age group get older, there are a lot less “single” men to choose from. I mean real single, not single with a “friend”, or live in girlfriend that they don’t mention because they are not married.

I used to be in that number, that 49% of black unmarried women, oh wait I still am lolol!  I forgot.  I am not married, I am cohabitating and do have a child with my cohabitor but we are not in fact married so I am still a statistic.  Whaddya know!

well this doesn't look promising....
well this doesn’t look promising….

We find these life’s fascinating and pitiful at the same time.  We watch as Olivia Pope porks the married president and we flip flop between cheering her on and being appalled at the affair.  With Mary Jane we feel so bad that she is in this situation that was not her choice, yet we look at the Porsche, the nice house, and wonder if we weren’t covered in applesauce and poop what would our lives be like?  We watched Carrie as she navigated her single life in her fabulous shoes and we loved every minute of it!

I know what my life was like when I was sans bebe and yes, some of it was a 24 hour champagne diet complete with Louis Vuitton cups and advil.  Then there were times when I was sick and needed someone to just come over and take care of me and my shoes and purses did not march out of the closet with blankets and chicken noodle soup as I expected.  My life was pretty fun for the most part.  Not to many complaints. I was never the “ohhhhhhhhhhh can’t wait to have a baby type” so not having one or a husband for that matter didn’t worry me one bit.  I was also in my 20s at the time so who knows what my thought process would have been at 32, 35, 37 and so forth.

yup, we like to watch
yup, we like to watch

When I turned 30 my little bundle of chocolate arrived and my world changed.  I longed for nothing that I had left behind in my sans bebe life.  I will trade in playdates with kids for “play”dates with dudes any day.  I love being a mom and wouldn’t want any other life.  Except for maybe the same life with lottery winnings.  Since I’m still not married I’ll have to leave that conversation to the folks who either are married or are completely single.  I’m floating in the grey zone for now.

Since this is such a fascinating thing for us to watch I decided to have some real live Mary Janes on my show on Saturday so I could get their stories on what their lives are really like.  Do they only cook popcorn in Christian Louboutin shoes?  Do they spend hours at the gym with wine in their water bottles, do they date married men? Do they actually want a family?  Do they care that we care?  I’m looking forward to this conversation with these successful, single, women.  You can tune it online at click on listen live and then talk.  If you are on a mobile device you can download the freestreams radio app click on talk and then UBM talk.


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