The Omaha police toddler “thug” video…..

omaha baby "thug"
omaha baby “thug”

I was doing my usual gossip blog browse with breakfast when I came across this story.  A police station in Omaha put the below video of the toddler cursing on their website.  I started not to click on it, but I read that they were under fire for doing so, so I wanted to see what it was about.  I kinda wish I didn’t.

Now, I understand the police department’s stance on putting this up.  This is child abuse!  I know some people think it’s cute for their children to curse and/or emulate adults be it through song, dance, clothes and with limits some of it might be.  This however is not the case.  There is nothing about this situation that leads me to believe this child is going to have a normal life.  I mean someone actually taped it and put it online!  Someone else sent it to the police, they didn’t tape it!  So not only did the adults not see anything wrong with the way they were talking to the child or encouraging the child to speak; they thought it was cool enough to put online.  The police put the video up to start the conversation and awareness that this is happening and has to stop.  Can’t say I have an issue with that.

If kept in that environment, that kid doesn’t stand a chance.


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