Where your toys come from is just as important as what you buy.

toyfactory 1

Toy factories
Toy factories

Getting your loved ones the right present is such a task that we take great pride in.  One thing we need to keep in mind is where those toys come from and the people who make them.  Some of our beloved toys and clothes are made in sweatshops where the workers are not paid fair wages for their work, nor are they working in safe, or clean environments.  While it is quite difficult for us to know which toys are made in factories who pay their workers fair wage and which are not we can try.  One way is to purchase toys made in the USA, our labor laws are a more strict and keep most companies honest.  Below are some of our favorite American made and produced toy companies.

Plan toys. hands down one of my favs.  My kid owns several pieces:-)

green plan toys 3Plan Toys. eco friendly, American made toys

Plan Toys. eco friendly, American made toys

Haba Toys, fantastic toys for all ages.

Haba Toys
Haba Toys

Uncle Goose has fun educational toys for babies and toddlers.

Uncle Goose Japanese blocks
Uncle Goose Japanese blocks

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