So it’s time for kissing already??

Kissing already????????
Kissing already????????

While standing in line waiting for the bell to ring today, my son turns to me and says “Mom Lisa* wants to marry me”. So I told him that he can’t get married until he has a job and a master’s degree.  I gave him a kiss and sent him on his way.  While I was walking back home Lisa’s mom says “So Lisa says she wants to marry Agya” I told her that he did inform me of that and I told her what I told him.  We chuckled a bit and then she says “Oh I’ve told Lisa no kissing at school”.  That caught me a bit off guard and we said our goodbyes.  When I got back in the house I just thought to my self HELL NAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No Way!! Really??? I have to talk to my 5 year old about kissing????????  Gross!

As a mother of a boy I am fully aware that I would have to talk to my son about what is and what is not appropriate to do with his penis, how he is supposed to treat women, and general guidelines in dealing with the opposite sex.  I am semi mentally prepared for that.  I did not expect to have any conversation remotely dealing with any of that until he was at least 12.  Well guess whose the naked sheep not prepared for winter now!

While I do understand that at their age it’s not really a big deal.  I think?  I actually don’t really know.  I just think it’s gross!  Like I believe that they are just mimicking what they see adults do and it’s all very innocent but the thought of it just makes my stomach turn.  Now when my son comes home instead of having our dance party I must have a sit down with him and talk to him about his feelings and what would make him want to kiss someone if he does.  I don’t believe he does because he thinks kissing anyone other than me is gross however, I will have to ask.  I will have to ask why someone would want to be his girlfriend and what that means. The thought of this conversation is blowing me.  The fact that he will have his psych major mom inquiring about his feelings is going to blow him.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I am just not ready for all of this.

*Lisa’s name has been changed lololol


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