The things that I now know I don’t know, about reading.

preschool prep box dvd set
preschool prep box dvd set

I have never really been the book worm type per se. I love a good book and will read until my hearts content when I find them.  I do not seek out good books and read for recreation.  The last book I read was the 50 shades of grey series and I loved them!

I read to my son every night and consider myself to be a very good reader.  I know now just because you can read doesn’t mean you can teach someone else how to.  The kid and I have been working on our sight words and doing quite well.  To give him some extra help I ordered the preschool prep sight words dvd series.  We had previously used the preschool prep dvds when he was learning numbers, letters, and colors.  They work wonders!  When the kid was explaining to me the silent e song I was literally perplexed as to what he was talking about.  We watched the song together and I was just like wow, I could not have explained that if you paid me!

preschool prep e song
preschool prep e song click!

There is another song that he sings about the letter “r” being in charge and again I was perplexed.  It’s really fascinating to learn that even tho you can fully do something you have no idea how to explain it or why.  I have no idea why some letters are silent and some are not, I don’t know what a double constant is, and I certainly can’t tell you why sometimes a “c” makes a “sss” sound and other times it makes a “k” sound.  I don’t know kid, it just does is probably not going to help me help my son.

I can tie my shoes, I cannot explain to someone else how to tie shoes.  I can do lots of things that I can’t explain the fundamentals for or explain to someone else how or why I can do them.  This makes me feel like a smart dumb person.  I really wished teachers were paid more, they are truly priceless!  To every teacher who might read this, from a mother who realized that she really can’t teach her kid everything. I say THANK YOU!!!

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