The kid, myself, and Thor the dark world!

Thor the dark world movie trailer. click!
Thor the dark world movie trailer. click!

I am a HUGE Marvel comics fan and I exhibit teenage like behavior each time a new movie comes out.  The Avengers and the X Men movies are hands down my favorites.  I go the movies at midnight if I can to see them for opening day.  I feel like I’m going to break out in hives if I don’t see it before Monday!

Thor and Loki
Thor and Loki

My son loves superheroes without questions.  He loves spiderman, superman, batman and has never seen any of those movies.  I had not let him watch any of the Marvel movies because I thought they were too violent.  I left him at my sisters for a few days and when I picked him up he was quoting Iron Man and acting out scenes from the Avengers.  This was about two years ago and started his obsession with iron man at the age of 3.  He was Iron man for Halloween two years in a row.  He has Iron man toys, he thinks any man with black hair and shades is Tony Stark and Jarvis lives in his room somewhere.  I wasn’t to mad about that because now I have someone to geek out with who won’t judge me for wanting to dress up like Thor for the movie.  Even tho he wouldn’t let me be Thor for halloween because I’m a girl and girls can’t be thor.

the kid in his pjs and his Thor mask ready for the movies!
the kid in his pjs and his Thor mask ready for the movies!

One day we sat down to have movie night and he wanted to watch the Avengers.  Watching it with him I began to realize there was a lot of stuff in it I wasn’t really cool with him seeing. To many guns, and general violence.  After that movie I said no more for him.  As promo for Iron man 3 began to beef up he kept asking when we were going to see it and for a 5 year old I just couldn’t let it slide.  I never took him to go see it even tho I went that Friday it came out:-)

The dark elves!
The dark elves!

Fast forward to Thor which is my favorite of all of the Avengers.  I had decided not to let him see it, then a male friend of mine who was taking his son to see it helped me with a little perspective.  Thor is very fictional and fights aliens and fictional character whereas the Avengers, Captain America, and Iron man fight the government or people so there are lots of actual guns and real people being killed and killing.  He made sense so I let the kid go see Thor.  It really was not that bad.  There were definitely a few creepy looking things but the kid was really excited and enjoyed the movie.  He slept soundly and happy that night.

I think the movie was awesome covered in artificial color free sprinkles!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize that sometimes I just have to let my kid live a little.  He is still not allowed to see the others but we did make some progress.  I have alot further to go but I’m working on it.  He’s not allowed to watch my little pony either so his tv/movie green light list is pretty narrow lololol.


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