What do YOUR children really thing about same sex marriage?

I came across this video which I thought was funny and really interesting!  It shows two sets of same gender proposals and lets children ages 5-13 watch the videos without any background as to what they are watching.  It’s amazing to watch the children figure out whats going on and listen to their commentary.  After the videos the children are asked a series of questions about their thoughts on gay marriage.  After watching I wondered what my son knew about same gender relationships and same gender marriage.  I was going to do the same experiment with my child then I realized, I cannot have a serious conversation with my son about anything except for legos.  While he is 5, this would have totally went over his head and then I would have been called into school because he would call anyone who he saw dancing “gay marriage” while laughing hysterically.  He still thinks marriage period is gross and when he sees people kiss on tv he makes fun of them says they are yucky.  Maybe, I’ll try to discuss this with him next year:-)

press to play video
press to play video

Here is the video, take a look it’s definitely worth the watch.  I do believe it’s best that WE talk to our children. If we don’t someone else will and what someone else tells your child may not be what you want them to know or may go against your beliefs.  It’s the same way I feel about sex education YOU have to talk to your child about sex because if you don’t what they learn on their own may result in broken hearts, stds, or teenage pregnancy.


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