So you really want blue jello huh?

the ingridients
the ingredients

I do my best to limit my child’s intake of artificial colors and flavors.  That can be very challenging when most of the products marketing to my child’s age group (he is 5)  are loaded with artificial flavors and colors.  Neon green yogurt, rainbow-colored cereal, turquoise juice, and the list goes on.  Occasionally the kid will ask for one of these off limit treats and I have to come up alternatives that are just as cool and exciting as the stuff he sees his friends have or that he sees commercials for.

blueberry and lychee jello
look mommy I’m cutting maleechees!

Last night’s task was blue jello.  The kid loves jello and generally his jello is clearish as I make it with apple juice.  He wanted blue so I grabbed some 100% unsweetened blueberry juice and some lychee.  I figured the lychee* would make it more interesting and fun!  I decided to get him involved as he is always asking to help me cook. What better time to help cook than when there is very little actual cooking involved:-)  For some reason he loves to cut things so I let him cut the lychee or “maleechees” as he calls them.  I cringed with every cut but he is quite good with a knife and has steady hands.  With that being said we will keep cutting to a min.

the blueberry lychee jello!
the blueberry lychee jello!

We used blueberry juice as our cold juice and lychee juice from the can as our hot juice.  We mixed them together, poured it over the lychee and put it in the fridge.  By the am we had super tasty purple jello.  I’m not really sure how to get blue.  I’ll have to keep working on that.

*After conferring with my sister we don’t know if lychee actually serves as plural and singular.  According to spell check it does so I will go with spell check after all I love saying sheeps even tho I know sheep is singular and plural but it makes me happy to say SHEEPS!!!


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