offensive text conversations….

Technology provides more access to people, with more access you have more opportunities to connect or to offend.  Texting has generally worked very well for me.  I’m able to shoot a quick message, get my point across, and move on with my life.  There are obviously times when a text message is misconstrued and you have to follow-up with a phone call to explain.  Par for the course.  I can deal with that.  What I cannot deal with is ignorant text conversations.  When people send me text messages with words like “dat” for “that” and “yo” for “your” or “da” for “the” and “dis” for “this”  it really rots my cabbage.  I don’t even have meaningful conversations with people who speak that way so asking me to read it and reply to it is definitely going to get you no where.

I mean really?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I mean really?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I was explaining to my sister that I got one of these messages, and I replied to the person telling them that  I didn’t understand them and that they should speak to me in correct english if they want to have a conversation.  The person had the audacity to be offended and proceeded to tell me of their offense in the offensive non real word text messages!  Clearly that was the last conversations we’ve had.

I do understand that when dealing with younger children or young adults there is a certain amount of this that is to be expected.  I am aware of that so I save my tolerance for that.  I can accept limited amounts of non real word text conversations from my youngest sister who is 23 and is crunk for years.  Sometimes I have to pause and try to figure out what she is saying to me before I reply.

Is it too much to ask to use whole words?  real words?  sentences that make sense?  Geez, what has the alphabet done to  you? I mean if you are going to type “tha” why not just type “the” it’s same amount of letters.  Sometimes after looking at correspondence from certain people I feel like I have just finished reading the lyrics to a 2 chainz song.  If your text messages make me have to think just to read them,  I’d rather not.

Please and thank you.


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