This is what happens when your 5 year old is in charge of your halloween costume

Halloween is quickly approaching and I have been trying for the last 2 months to get the kid to narrow down what he wants to be.  He bounced back and forth between a black ninja, iron man, and Luigi.  All of those are fine and easy for him.  The problem becomes that I have to dress up as his companion.  There are certain things that he makes the rules on and Halloween is one of them.

Option number 1.


He is Luigi which makes me Mario.  I explained to him that i do NOT want to be Mario because I don’t want to dress up like a plumber.  His compromise was Princess peach.  I also have no interest in being princess peach because I’m not wearing a blond wig and big pink dress.  I feel as tho I will look like a bad Nicki Minaj.

Princess Peach
Princess Peach

Option number 2.

He would be a black ninja and I would be a pink ninja.  That worked much better for me.  I could be a hot mom ninja!  This first little number here might have to be the nighttime ninja outfit for daddy:-)  I could totally do the second one with boobs covered of course and in pink.  The last picture really makes me happy!!!

We discussed my attire and accessories and he informed me that I cannot have nunchucks because they are weapons and I don’t know how to use them because I am not a real ninja.  I tried to explain to him that a woman needs her accessories and he still said no.  I am now less likely to want to be a pink ninja with no awesome nunchucks.  Except maybe that nighttime ninja!

pink ninja ideas pink ninja

ninja ideas!
ninja ideas!

Option number 3.

He would be Iron man and I would be a ninja turtle.  Obviously I want to be Thor.  I love Thor and I would be an incredible female Thor.  He tells me that I can’t be Thor because Thor is not a girl however, I could be a ninja turtle.  So I’m assuming that the thinks the turtles are genderless.  I”m ok with that.  I can be a ninja turtle.  I saw a few cute ninja turtle costumes that are obviously inappropriate to wear around children but cute non the less!  I think I will just go grab some green yoga pants and a green long sleeve shirt and call it a day.  I can find some fabric around here to tie around my eyes, arms and legs.  I do have to make sure I can move with my shell since I will be volunteering at the kid’s school that day.  I would be mortified if I had a wardrobe malfunction and my shell fell off!

While this is not appropriate to wear around kids, it's still cute!
While this is not appropriate to wear around kids, it’s still cute!

I need to speak to my ovaries and strike a deal with them.  The next time we decide to put an egg to use I’d like to make it a girl egg.  I feel as tho I’d have a much easier time deciding between a Barbie, a my little pony, a princess, and a ballerina.



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