To give the good candy or to not give the good candy? That is the question.

expensive organic candy #1
expensive organic candy #1

I have always had this dilemma when it comes to me providing food or treats for kids.  I do my best to keep my kid away from processed food, and artificial flavores  That pretty much excludes most of the “fun stuff” marketed towards kids for them to eat.  Gummy snacks, sugary cereals, random packaged snacks and almost anything that has his favorite characters on them is something he can’t eat.

expensive natural candy #2
expensive natural candy #2

Eating healthier and making better choices is also more expensive.  I don’t mind that expense for my child.  The question becomes do I incur that expense for the other children whose parents could care less what they eat.

expensive organic candy #3
expensive organic candy #3

Yesterday, as I was in the store I picked up a few bags of Halloween candy.  I picked up organic lollipops, organic hard candies, and naturally flavored and colored taffys.  $10 dollars later I realized I could go through all of this in an hour!  I really don’t feel like spending $30-40 bucks on healthier Halloween candy when those kids could care less.  I could go to target and get a big bag of conventional candy for 5 bucks, however, my conscious won’t let me do it.  I’m trying to not feel bad because it’s used to what they are eating any way right?  right!  Then that old saying pops in my head.  If you know better, do better.  I’m sure I will cringe giving out snickers bars, and nerds but I’m not going to completely rule it out.  However, being a hypocrite is setting a bad example for the kid lol.  Maybe I can look at is as teaching him financial responsibility?  Don’t spend your money on people who don’t care.

I think this may be a game day decision….



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