The fundraising competition


As a mother of one, every thing that happens becomes a learning experience.  Everything is new which can in some cases be quite exciting and in some cases not so much.  The fundraising is the not so much in this case.  The kid’s school is doing a fun run to raise money for their school garden.  When I got the paperwork I set up the kid’s page and sent it to most of my friends.  In three days the kid had raised $200 so clearly I thought we were masters of the universe.  I emailed the president of the PTO to verify that my child was in fact in first place and would be doing clean sweep to win all of the prizes that come with being the first to raise a certain amount of money.  She emailed back with an apology that someone in the kid’s grade had already raised $200 before he did.  WHAT!?!?!?!  How is that possible? There is a link on the site where you can track the top earners and low and behold the kid was #3.  That put a battery in my back like no other.  I made calls and emails until the kid was number one!

After I was satisfied I actually took a moment to look at some of the other kid’s donations.  One kid had 5 pledges totalling $550, another had 6 totalling $650, and one more had 4 pledges totalling $400.  I realized then that these kid’s have friends with deep pockets!  It took 21 people to get the kid to $635!  Who the hell is giving kids $150 for a fundraiser?  Geez.

Currently we are in second place which makes my skin crawl.  We have until Oct 25th to get it together and win!  While explaining this to my sister, she says “uh huh, so you know this is about you right?” I think it is about “us”, teach them early to aim high and go get em!  Really I just hate losing.  Losing is for losers.  WE are a family of winners!!!

We shall see how this ends….lol



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